Information architecture
Visual design
Client ST&T Labs
Final deliverable
Revised IA
Wireframes for single use case

ST&T is a lab commissioned by cosmetic companies to measure the effectiveness of beauty products via observational studies.

Because of the number of studies they run and the amount of participants, ST&T is looking for ways to automate the data entry segment of the studies by building an app to be used by study participants.

App development was in early stages when I was brought in as a UX consultant to evaluate their current wireframes and IA structure.



Kickoff, Q&A

Interviewed stakeholders on details about business goals, target user group, and use cases. Distinguished ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features.


Reviewed current IA, lo-fi and mid-fi wireframes. Restructured parts of the flow.


Produced a report outlining my recommendation and rationale, along with hi-fi wireframes of a main use case.

Due to non-disclosure agreement, I cannot reveal the final deliverables. Below are sample screens that have been modified to maintain confidentiality.