PEST Analysis Wireframing
Ideation  Parallel Prototyping
Needs Validation Think Aloud
Journey Mapping
Completed at CMU
Group Jemma Shin, Jiho Kim, Rujia He, Yun Cao
Final deliverable Crowdfunding Campaign

The goal of this project was to create a crowdfunding campaign for a service startup. Our service Hue allows shoppers to browse, mix and match outfits from different online boutiques, share their creations and purchase them. As the project lead, I facilitated decision-making, kept the team on schedule, delegated and helped with various design tasks.



Due to time constraints, there wasn’t much time to validate our business idea with the real world

Identifying opportunities

As a team, we performed PEST analysis to draw out existing gaps. We also crowdsourced our research by posing questions on Facebook, Quora, and Reddit.


We came up ideas for solutions using multiple idea synthesizing methods. We narrowed from 50+ ideas to 5, and created storyboards to illustrate possible scenarios. Used the storyboards to speed date for needs validation. Started a preliminary value proposition diagram for chosen concepts.

Prototyping & user testing

We created customer journey map to identify touchpoints that the user would encounter with our service. Team performed parallel prototyping. The design lead and I made two variations of the solution in wireframes and lo-fi prototypes. The team conducted think-aloud with these prototypes.

After establishing the direction of our service, we created mid-fi prototypes for another round of testing.

Next, we built a brand for the service. We conducted two rounds of surveys to inform our design language. Refined the prototype to be higher fidelity and interactive.


Team developed growth hypothesis for the service. Also finalized the value proposition to highlight our business value to stakeholders. Created a pitching video for the service. Started a crowdfunding campaign.

Final deliverable

See the campaign on Indiegogo here.
Interactive prototype and campaign video shown below.