Methods / Role
Visual Explorations
Corporate Branding
Completed at Pro Referral (The Home Depot)
Final deliverable
Design specifications (Zeplin)
Design styles and templates on Sketch & InVision

After launch, Pro Referral was added to The Home Depot Services family of products. As Services developed a separate identity from The Home Depot, Pro Referral products were to be rebranded as well to match its parent department. The brand unification effort was implemented in phases with the eventual goal of full integration in both functionality and visual treatment.


  • Define design specifications that are adaptable across products and browsers
  • Create shared toolkit among designers of various products


  • The new digital style guide needs to complement existing Services marketing brand
  • ¬†Retrofitting existing products runs a risk of breaking the current site

Phase 1: Design kit creation

  • Audit current typography, UI elements, icons, typography and color used across products
  • Define common basic styles, colors and sizes
  • Compare with old style to make sure new styles can carry over
  • Define baseline units of measurement that allow for fluid typography and spacing
  • Convert kit to reusable Sketch template symbols

Phase 2: Transitional period

  • Add new features using old styles
  • Retrofit new design kit on existing products to check for fit and make adjustments

Phase 3: Refinement

  • Apply new design kit to products on production, including new features
  • Products with significant feature changes are redesigned using new design kit