workplace collaboration


The Bloomberg Office.

the client

Michael Bloomberg founded Bloomberg L.P. in 1981 in New York City with the intention of creating a service that transmits sensitive financial information in a swift and accurate manner. Bloomberg and his partners created a tool that became the Bloomberg Professional Service, more commonly known as the Terminal.

the terminal

The Terminal is a computer platform that houses tens of thousands of different applications, and there are currently more than 320,000 subscribers across the globe. It also serves as the main computing environment to all of Bloomberg’s 16,000 employees, making the company the single largest group to use the platform.

This is the Terminal.
Employees often use multiple screens for multiple Terminal panels at once.

the challenge

Bloomberg tasked our team to design a solution that helps employees with the challenges they confront in their daily work on the Terminal. Through our solution, we aim to improve the quality of collaboration activities and reduce collaborative breakdowns among Bloomberg’s employees.

our mission

To develop an understanding of internal workplace interactions in order to design a Terminal solution that enhances employee collaboration across Bloomberg.